We're an independent specialist consulting and contracting group, offering exploration and targeting services to the mineral exploration industry.

We are based in Perth, Western Australia.
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Exploration Services


Newexco’s greatest success in mineral exploration has come from managing entire exploration programmes and the flexibility it provides for integrating ...

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Newexco’s geophysicists work in concert with their geologists and this close relationship is our main success driver. We understand that the geophysicist-geologist relationship is critical ...

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Newexco is directly responsible for a number of world class discoveries in the past two decades. We have also supported numerous clients in their own achievements.

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Our Discoveries

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Newexco is evolving… Based in Perth, Western Australia with a history of success.

Newexco provides a comprehensive range of services to the exploration industry. The company has successfully managed multiple greenfields exploration projects – unlocking the wealth of these discoveries for our clients through resource drill-out, orebody definition and feasibility.

Global Partnership

Newexco has been partnered with Aarhus Geo since 2015. Our clients understand the value of bringing multiple specialists to a project.

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