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Newexco’s success has relied upon its desire to innovate. From the early nineties when Bill was designing and selling in-house roving-vector receivers for EM field surveys.

We are constantly testing new ideas, methods, system specifications and processing techniques to improve the resolution and depth of investigation of our geophysical surveys.

Have you ever asked under what conditions an airborne EM survey is favourable over ground EM? We have numerous in-house case studies showing where our ground EM survey configurations are the superior choice for successful base metal exploration.

Near Surface Geophysics Asia Pacific Conference

Newexco was recently in Beijing for the Near Surface Geophysics Conference, presenting on the effective use of EM techniques for mapping contaminated water storages and tailings storage facilities. See the results of our rapid, high-resolution survey:

Beijing 2013 – EM applied to baseline studies and monitoring of water storage facilities

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