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Newexco’s geophysicists work in concert with their geologists and this close relationship is our main success driver.  We understand that the geophysicist-geologist relationship is critical when matching technology and techniques to optimise targeting success in differing geological environments.

Specialist Consultation

  • Management of geophysical targeting campaigns from design, through acquisition, data quality-control, interpretation and targeting
  • Skilled staff, employing specialist tools and depth of experience to improve targeting and exploration potential
  • Specialists in EM from airborne to ground geophysics and down-hole techniques
  • All electrical techniques, Induced Polarisation and Potential-Field methods
  • Personnel may be embedded in the clients office supporting the geologists and the targeting process
  • Comprehensive reports are furnished – ensuring an accurate record of the targeting process
  • Project assessment and data compilation
  • Training

Exploration Services

In-house crews service TEM, IP and petrophysical requirements, both surface and down-hole for Australian and selected overseas projects. Unique contractor – consultant relationship means the quality and efficiencies demanded are achieved.

Environmental Geophysics

Leaking evaporation pond or tailings dam? The emphasis Newexco places on data quality, acquisition and survey design, translates well to the field of environmental geophysics. Our in-house electromagnetic equipment can be configured from deep-penetrating, to high resolution near-surface acquisition modes using proprietary methods. The system can reveal conductive fluid pathways associated with leaking containment infrastructure and provide baseline studies for consistent monitoring of water storage facilities.

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Many geophysical datasets can be reinterpreted for the identification and/or mapping of ground water. Newexco routinely applies techniques including electromagnetics, resistivity, gravity and near-surface seismic for such purposes